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Other books published by All Things That Matter Press

Justin Alcala

Dim Fairy Tales

Darbie Andrews


Monica Brinkman

The Turn of the Karmic Wheel

Nancy Flinchbaugh

Revelation in the Cave, Revelation at the Labyrinth, Letters from the Earth, Awakening, Revelation in the Roots

Jeff Gephart

Accidental Adulthood

Margaret Gaffney

Of Slaves and Exiles, Book 1

Bill Gillard

Down a Man, The Vade Mecum of the Ture Sublime

Cate Munene Moriasi

The Scientific Sleuths: Atherosclerosis Attack: Traffic Jam in Your Arteries

Nona Schrader


Richard Seltzer

Parallel Lives, Beyond the 4th Door, Nevermind, Breeze


Judy Stanigar

Marika’s Best Laid Plan

Randy K. Wallace

Kenneth Weene

Memoirs from the Asylum, Widow’s Walk, Tales From the Dew Drop Inne, Times To Try The Soul of Man, Read and White, El Catrin, and Two Tales of Terror.

Joe Zeppetello

Intimate Disconnect


The Defiant Requiem Foundation

Defiant Requiem

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